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Following your heart may not lead you where you expect it, but is it worth the journey?

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“It is my favorite word, it is my favorite question. I always want to know why.”

David, a trust fund baby, has gone through the biggest heartbreak of his life. He is successful, spontaneous, and generally liked, yet he cannot hold onto his one true love. Trodding down a street one day, David is bumped on the shoulder. When he turns around, the individual is staring at him with the crispest blue eyes he had ever seen. Jolted from his broken heart and thrown into a world of love so different from what he has known, David ventures on a journey of self-discovery taking him across the world and through all realms of emotions.

Sculpting David: The Episodes

Chadi decided to offer a split version of the book so that some of the readers can get a different experience and get a new perspective on the story and characters. The reader can now read the episodes in any order he/she pleases. Although, it is advised to read all 3 of the episodes in order, it is ok to go from Episode 1 to 3 then come back to 2 especially that episode 3 ties a lot of episode 1's loose ends. 


Chadi’s vivid imagination originated during family road trips every weekend. Anything could get his mind running, from a garbage bag swaying in the wind to the person crossing the road. Growing up as an expat in the UAE he is considered a Third Culture Kid.

His adventures as a child and his ability to create a story out of any object has fueled his passion for writing.  Sculpting David is his debut novel which is only the start of Chadi’s budding career.


Reader Reviews

As you share David's life journey, he takes you on a trip of self discovery and once you start reading you will not be able to drop the book till the last words

Sculpting David will make you think, but just enough to do a little reflecting while still enjoying David's journey.

This book touches my soul. The flow of the words goes deep inside you and live in you. There is a part of David in me and a part of the story described my pain. 

Lea K., 5 stars!
Bought the book for Kindle

Rachel B., 4 stars!

Roula K., 5 stars!
Read the book on Scribd


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